About Exhibition

The Spilltech Exhibition aims to bring together industry experts, researchers, environmentalists, and key stakeholders to raise awareness about oil spills and showcase the latest technologies, strategies, and solutions for prevention, response, and remediation. This exhibition provides a valuable platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and exploring innovative approaches to mitigate the environmental impact of oil spills.

Spilltech Exhibition will be an exceptional opportunity for businesses to come together; to network with existing and new customers; to review the services, products and solutions that will enhance performance, increase efficiencies and help optimise costs.

Why  Exhibit


Discover new customers and partners


Present your company alongside leading players in the global spill response sector


Demonstrate your strategic and technical expertise


Connect with your existing customers


Showcase your latest products, services and solutions

Who Will Exhibit

Exhibitors include, but are not limited to:

Aviation Services/Surveillance
Bioremediation Services
Damage Assessments
Diving Services
Environmental Organizations
Emergency Response Cell
Fire Safety Control Company
HSSE Services & Equipment
IT Software and Training
Insurance & Claim
Mapping Agencies
Natural Disaster Cleanup Company
Port Organizations
Pollution Response Equipment Suppliers
Satellite Tracking System
Tug and Salvage Companies
Training Institutes
Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Agencies
Water Treatment Agencies & many more